Thankful for You

Thank you.

Thank you for showing up to invest in the next generation.

Thank you for giving of your time to tell kids and parents how much Jesus loves them. 

Thank you for serving faithfully...even when you don't hear the words "thank you."

Thank you for being focused on the nursery and preschool kiddos.  Most people don't fully understand the importance of pouring into the children at one of the most important times in their life.  But you do.  You get it.  You know how crucial it is. 

Thank you for being willing to do the equivalent of aerobatics as you lead the kids in worship.  The Father rejoices in the praises you lift up to Him. 

Thank you for being willing to hold the door for people as they enter.  You bring a smile to so many faces.

Thank you for helping kids be known and loved.  Your small group looks forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Thank you for investing in the outcome instead of the income.  You are leaving a legacy that will cause ripples of God's grace to abide with coming generations.

Thank you for being a doer of the word and not just a hearer.

Thank you for teaching God's Word to the children.  You are helping them build a solid faith foundation.

Thank you for showing up even when you are tired.

Thank you for your heart...filled with love for the next generation.

Thank you for caring what God cares about...people. 

Thank you for the time you spend putting together supplies for small groups.  You do this behind-the-scenes...faithfully each week.   Great news.  God keeps great records and great will be your reward in heaven,

Thank you going on when you are "weary in well doing."  It's on the second mile the impact of your ministry comes forward.

Thank you for helping new families check in.  You make guests feel relaxed and comfortable in the process.

Thank you for loving on kids with special needs. They get excited when they see mean a lot of them. 

Thank you for the time you spend getting ready to teach kids.  

Thank you for putting the words and pictures on the screens.  You play such a crucial role in helping today's kids learn about God.

Thank you for loving the child that everyone else considers a nuisance.  You know...the child that talks out of turn...disrupts the lesson...complains about the snack...distracts from the know...that kid. You demonstrate the heart of God for the one.  The lost sheep that disrupted things and because of it, the shepherd had to go out and find him.  But to the shepherd, it was worth it.  The miles spent walking to find the sheep...the time and energy the shepherd had to exert to find the lost was worth it a thousand times over.  You feel the same way.

Thank for taking time to read my thoughts and ramblings each week through this blog. The opportunity to invest in your life each week is what keeps me typing and hitting the send button.  

Thank you and may your Thanksgiving be a time of joy and gratitude for all the things God has done for us.