The Big Test to See How Strong Your Volunteer Team Is

Do you want to know how strong your volunteer team is?

Do you want to know how well you are leading your volunteer team?

Do you want to see the depth of your volunteer team?

I have a simple, but profound way to measure the effectiveness of your volunteer team.  Here it is.

Can you step back into the shadows and the ministry run fine without you?

Can you be out of town and the ministry doesn't miss a beat?

This is the ultimate test of how well you are leading and training your volunteers. 

Your goal should be to train and equip volunteers to own the ministry.  Almost to the point where people can't differentiate between staff and volunteers.

To accomplish this, you must pour your time and focus into raising up leaders of leaders. Never do ministry alone. Always have someone who is shadowing you.  Learning from you.  Being mentored by you. 

Work yourself out of a job. (But don't worry.  If you can work yourself out of your job, you will always have a job because you know how to build teams.)

I would encourage you to take a test this coming weekend.  Don't schedule yourself to teach.  Don't schedule yourself to oversee anything.  Just step back and watch.  See what happens.  Do things run smoothly?  Are there any hiccups?  Do your volunteers feel confident and empowered?  

The goal shouldn't be for everyone to depend on you.  It should be for everyone to feel empowered and equipped to lead their area.  


Good leaders are stars.  Great leaders create stars.

Good leaders are powerful.  Great leaders are empowering.

Good leaders always have to be in the spotlight.  Great leaders help others get in the spotlight. 

Take the test. See how you do. 

p.s. If you haven't read my book "The Formula for Building Great Volunteer Teams," you can get your copy today at this link.