Feelings...Nothing More Than Feelings

Did you know that the majority of guests will return to your church based on how you make them feel?

I wish that the majority of people would return based on how you communicate God's Word, worship Him in song, and how you disciple their children.

But they normally come back based on the feelings they experienced while there.

Here are some feelings that you want people to feel while they are at your church.


Help them feel at home.  This starts in the parking lot.  


If you live in a diverse area, your church should reflect that. They should see people that look like them, talk like them, have the same interests as them, etc.

Stages of life.                                                                                                                                                                    They see other people who have children the same age as they do.  They are in the same stage of life as other people in their church.  


They should feel like a VP.  Have a separate check-in area for them.  Have a gift for them. Walk with them to their classroom.  

Go the second mile to make them feel important.

If you can help parents feel these 4 ways during their visit with you, there is a good chance that they will return for a second visit.

Have you read my new book "Be My Church Guest?" It contains lots of practical ways you can help guests have a great experience on their first visit.  You can get it at this link.