How to See Kids & Parents Become Fans of Your Ministry

Kids Industries, a London-based research firm,recently found that 76% of six-to-14 year olds consider themselves a fan of something. This is 13% higher than last year.

Kids love to engage with brands they chose.  81% of kids want to engage with many things related to the brands they like. 

If you want kids and parents to be fans of your ministry, then let them help create and contribute to the content.

Kids and families don't  just want to consume.  They want to help create what is consumed.

Several brands have tapped into this and are encouraging kids and parents to be contributors instead of just consumers.

One big way you can do this is by giving kids and their parents opportunities to contribute to brand projects or initiatives or new products.

If you haven't read a recent article I wrote that is entitled "10 Things I Learned From Kids Last Week," You should check it out.  

The article focuses on how to learn from kids and parents by hosting a "Focus Group.  It is a very effective tool that will help you uncover what today's kids and families need from their time at your church.

Be willing to change if you want to keep your fans 31% of kids are hoping to experience the brands they love in new ways. 29% want opportunities to deepen their knowledge about their favorite brands.

If you see a brand that is declining, most of the time you trace it back to the brand not being willing to change to keep up with the ever-changing world of childhood.

So many great things come out of a brand that kids and families love. 

They get involved with it.  

They tell their friends about it.

They help sustain it. 

They volunteer their time and talents to it.

When this happens, people will begin to notice your ministry.  You will become known in your city as 'The Place Kids and Families."