Dale speaks at conferences, churches, trainings and events across the country and around the world. You can get more information about having him come to your church or event at this link or by emailing him.

Current Schedule


January 15
Alive Church
Gainesville, Florida

January 17
Children's Pastor's Conference
Orlando, Florida

January 24
Keep Your KidMin Secure...Safety & Security

January 27
Pathways Church
Appleton, Wisconsin

February 3
Southern Illinois Worship Center
Herrin, Illinois

February 4-5
KidMin Gig
Lakewood Church
Houston, Texas

February 11
First Baptist Church
Westpoint, Miss.

March 12-15
Pembine, Wisconsin

April 14
NEXT Conference
New Brunswick, Canada 

April 15
Moncton Wesleyan Church
New Brunswick, Canada

April 24
CEF State Conference
Sarasota, Florida 

May 1-3
First Impressions Conference

May 4-5
Vault Conference
Ottawa, Canada

June 3
City Church
Decatur, Alabama 

June 19
New Hope Church
Manvel, Texas

August 4-5
Silverdale Church
Chattanooga, Tenn.

August 18-24
Maranatha Community Church
Gauteng, South Africa

August 25-26
Fellowship Church
Kansas City, Missouri

September 13-15
Chartwell Church
Oakville, Canada

September 19-21
D6 Conference
Greensboro, North Carolina

October 2
Colorado Springs, Colorado

October 4
Grand Junction, Colorado

October 6
Denver, Colorado

October 10-14
National CM Leadership Summit
Freeport, Grand Bahamas 

October 20-21
First Nazarene Church
Little Rock, Arkansas

November 3
Creekside Church
Ontario, Canada 

November 4
KW Christian Fellowship
Ontario, Canada

November 9-11
Faith Baptist Church Conference
Artesia, New Mexico 

November 25
City Church 
Decatur, Alabama


Crossroads Church 
 Mequon, Wisconsin

Jan. 16-17
Children's Pastor's Conference
Orlando, Florida

Feb. 3-5
KidMin Summit 
Elevation Church
Charlotte, N.C. 

Feb. 9-12
Grace Fellowship Church
Timonium, Maryland

Feb. 19
Metro Conference
Memphis, Tennessee 

March 6
Forward Church
Amory, Miss. 

March 15-18
First Baptist Church 
Orlando, Florida

April 5-6
Blown Away Conference
Burlington, Canada 

April 7
Peel Church
Ontario, Canada 

April 30
COGOP International Conference

May 4-5
New Site Baptist Church
Monett, Missouri 

May 19
Calvary Church
Ottawa, Canada 

July 28
City Church
Decatur, Alabama

August 6
CEF at Flat Creek Church
Fayetteville, Ga.  

August 24
 CEF at Glen Haven Church
McDonough, GA

September 7
NWGA CEF Conference 
 Marietta, Georgia 

September 8
Fellowship Church
Rome, Georgia 

September 17
Child's Heart Webinar

October 8
Etch Conference
Nashville, Tennesse 

October 11-14
First FWB Church
Gastonia, NC.


January 14-16
Children's Pastor's Conference
Orlando, Fl. 

February 9-11
KidMin GIG at Saddleback Church
Lake Forest, California  

August 29
CEF of NWGA & Cobb Chapters 
Atlanta, Georgia