1-On-1 Staff Meetings!

Every Wed. our entire children's ministry staff team meets together. But every other month I take one week to meet with each staff member one on one instead of having a group meeting. This allows us to connect on a more personal basis. Here's some of the things I ask them.

1. How is their life outside of ministry?
2. What are some wins they have had in their ministry?
3. What are some ministry challenges they are facing?
4. How can I better serve them?
5. What are some tools I can provide them with so they can be more effective?
6. What is their vision for the coming months?

I end the meeting by encouraging them and letting them know how much I appreciate them. I remind them they are making a big difference.

I am honored to serve with the people on our team. They are my close friends...we've got each other's backs...we enjoy doing life together...we're a family!