There's A Reason!

I have found that many times when kids act up it is because of deeper issues going on in their life or home.
Here's an example. ___________is a 2nd grader. Last night I was called to the room he was in. He was crying and trying to get out of the room. I took him out of the room and he immediatley clung to my side. I could sense he was afraid. He sobbed to the point where he was shaking. I knew something had to be going on. When mom came I pulled her aside to find out what was wrong. She broke down in tears as she shared what was going on in ________'s life. His father has never been a part of his life and as a result he is very insecure and has seperation anxiety. This little boy is desperately looking for someone to care and value him.

Next Wednesday I and two other children's staff members are going to pick him up after school. We're heading to McDonalds for food and fun. We're going to spend time just showing him we care and value him. The tears dried up and a smile came on his face last night when I told him. Mom thanked us for caring and I saw hope come into her eyes.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for a kid who is acting out what is going on inside his/her heart is to find out the reason and love them unconditionally. A caring hug can often accomplish much more than a harsh look.
So before we're so quick to reprimand...let's remember...there's a reason.

p.s. Update - the time we spent with him at McDonalds made a big difference. He comes into the room now each week with a big smile on his face.