Dec 28, 2008

What Title Do You Give People Who Serve?

In the past few years, I have tried to move away from calling people who serve "volunteers." When I referred to them as "volunteers" it seemed to create a mindset that they were not as important as staff. When asked an important question by a guest, they would say "you better ask __________ (staff member)...I'm just a volunteer."

I have started calling people who serve "team members." They are not "just" a volunteer. They are ministry partners who are the reason ministry happens. I have found that this helps create more ownership, empowerment, and confidence for them as they serve. They are just as vital to the ministry as any staff member.

What do you call the people who serve with you? Love to hear some ideas.


I call them Producers (these are my department heads) and Line Producers (these are the ones who work in the rooms making things happen.

I chose these words because we really follow a movie/tv directed theme for our family ministry. Those words sound like action words which we all know that everyone of them work hard and produce or are active on the line of weekly ministry.

Not for everyone, but this works for us.

That's cool Todd. Love to hear more about your ministry. Have a great new year!

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