Hate the Wait!

Do you hate to wait in line? I do! I know I should slow down some and "enjoy" waiting patiently in line sometimes...but it's hard. I think most people hate waiting in line. We've been watching our check in lines...our check out lines...the last few weeks at church to see how long people are having to wait. I can see the "I'm trying to be patient" look on parents faces when the line is long. We've made some adjustments in the last two weeks to cut down line time. Here are a few things we have done...

1. At kiosk check in, we have greeters that point people toward open kiosks. This helps keep the line from backing up.

2. In our preschool environment, we have people in the hallway with a radio during check out. They go down the line and radio the name of the second family back so when they get to the door their child is waiting. This little step has really helped shorten the wait time.

3. In our 1-3rd grade environment, we just opened an additional exit door. That one step cut the wait time in half.

4. We encourage just one parent to come pick up their child. This makes the lines shorter and not as crowded.

After church today my wife and I went to get groceries. The check out line was way backed up. Not my favorite thing to do...stand in line while football games are starting.

The last thing I want to happen is for a new family to come and be frustrated because of wait time. They might just think it's too crowded and decide not to come back.

What do you do to keep people from hating the wait?