Bill Maher Talks About Relevant Children's Ministry!

Bill Maher is an agnostic. Watch his show on HBO and you will see that he has no use for Christianity or God. He recently released a movie entitled "Religulous." I watched parts of it last night. It is 90 minutes of Bill trying to discredit the Bible, belittle people of faith, and sow seeds of doubt. Definitely not something I'd let the kids watch. It lets you peek into the thought process and reasoning of an agnostic mindset.

During the movie, something jumped out at me that made me realize again how important relevant children's ministry is. Bill was talking with his mom about his experience with "religion" as a child. He said he went to church as a child BUT IT WAS NOT RELEVANT TO HIS LIFE. He said it was BORING. He said he dreaded going. When he turned 13, he checked out and so began a downward ascent into agnosticism.

What a wake up call! I wonder if he had been in a children's ministy that was relevant to the needs of his life...if he had enjoyed going to church...if he had been part of a children's ministry that engaged his attention...a children's ministry that impacted his life in a positive way...would his life have turned out differently?

There will be kids in our services this weekend that are forming lifelong opinions about church...about God...about what they believe. Let's be committed to being relevant to their lives and making church a place where they love to come and learn about God in an exciting, engaging, and impactful way!

p.s. I am having our media team pull the clips where Bill talks about this and I will post them later.