Great Word on Building a Volunteer Ministry Team!

This past week our staff met with Chris Hodges. Chris is the founding pastor of Church of the Highlands in Birmingham. ( planted the church 8 years ago and now over 8,000 people attend on weekends. The awesome thing is out of the 8,000 over 2,400 are serving! He shared with us some great words on building a great team! Here are some of the highlights and quotes...

-It has to be Jesus''s His ministry, not yours.

-Don't recruit...instead help people discover the dream and destiny God has placed in their heart.

-When you interview potential team members ask them "What has God placed in your heart to do?"

-Never use the word volunteer.(They call them the "dream team.")

-People were created to serve and do good works. God has a specific task for each person. Ephesians 2 says we were "created to DO good works."

-Best way to lead a staff meeting is to ask lots of questions.

-Each year at Christmas they give their dream team an ornament that has the year and says "Dream Team."

-When thinking of starting a ministry run it thru these 3 questions...
1. Is it easy? Can everyone do it?
2. Is it obvious? Does everyone know about it?
3. Is it strategic? Does it work?

-Never recruit out of need. 


-Here's the process they use to bring people on the dream team...
1. Attend membership class (catch vision of church)
2. Attend foundation class (discipleship)
3. Go thru a discovery process (spiritual gifts and DISC test)
4. Join the dream team (choose area of service)
5. Attend orientation for that area of service
6. Application and background check
7. 1 on 1 time with ministry leader

-Everyone needs to be part of something bigger than themselves. It's about their fulfillment not our need.