Jan 3, 2009

What Are Your Steps for Leading Kids to Christ?

Do you have steps in place for helping kids accept Christ as their Leader, Forgiver, and Friend? Below are the steps I put together for our campuses.

Steps for Leading Kids to Christ at Christ Fellowship
1. Child attends new believer's class with their parent/guardian. In this class, salvation and baptism are clearly explained. (you can get the class for your ministry at www.buildingchildrensministry.com)
2. Parents do follow up at home with materials we provide in the class.
3. Staff follows up with parents to make sure child understands his/her decision to follow Christ.
4. Child may be baptized. For a child to be baptized the child/parent must have attended the class or talked individually with a staff member who confirms they have clearly made a decision.

This reflects our commitment to parents being the primary spiritual influence in their child's life. It also gives parents the joy of being there when their child accepts Christ.

To help this happen…
1. We do NOT do large group salvation prayers with kids. We want to make sure kids understand what they are doing and are talked to individually BEFORE they make a decision.
2. We always involve the parents.
3. We weekly point kids/parents toward the new believer's class.
4. The new believer's class is targeted for K-5th graders.

We are creating an awesome new believer's class called Journey with Jesus. It's going to be a great tool to lead children and families to Christ. We are hoping to roll it out in the new few months.


What are the chances I could get my hands on the resources and materials you use for that salvation class?

Hey Jonathan,
Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blog. Great to meet another Cowboys fan. I've been true blue all my life.
We are in the process of publishing the materials with a publisher. Should be out by fall. I'll keep you in the loop. May God bless you and your ministry. Keep in touch.

Hey Dale!

Wondering if you have had your materials published yet?

It is in process and will be available by end of Jan.

Hey Dale -

Would it be possible to get a copy of the materials?

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