Day Three of Vacation/Work at Disney

I spent today at Hollywood Studios and Epcot. I'm going to post pictures I took with the takeaways listed below. Let's get started...

Check out who Disney puts in front of kids...high school/college students! Takeaway...Let's use use high school/college students in our ministries. That's who kids look up to. They can make a huge impact on kids!

This sign says it all...Takeaway...DREAM BIG!

They were putting a fresh coat of paint on Mickey's hat. anything that needs a fresh coat of paint?  Take a walk around your facilities and see if anything is starting to look shabby... take care of it.

Check out these giant crayons inside the new Toy Story ride. Look closer...see the tops of the orange and pink crayons? They look like they have been used.  Takeway...attention to makes the difference!

They have created the American Idol "experience." (see the sign behind my brother) People audition just like the show and those selected sing in front of a large studio audience. The winner gets a front-of-the-line pass to try out for American Idol next year at any city they are holding auditions in. My brother, Derek, made it through the first round ,but didn't make it through the second round. We were proud of him and it was a great experience for him.  Takeaway...we live in an "experience" driven culture. How about calling your weekends "experiences" instead of "classes" or "services." 
Tomorrow I'm heading to Universal Studios. I'll post some takeaways at the end of the day from my experience there.