Day Two of Vacation/Work at Disney

This morning I started out at the Animal Kingdom.

Here are some takeaways I jotted down.
-Creativity. As I saw lots of cool things, this thought kept popping into my mind. "A team of people sat around a table and brainstormed. Someone threw out a crazy idea, they ran with it, and made it reality." An example...someone said, "What if we made a big plant that could walk around and interact with people." It may have been a crazy idea at first...but look what became of it.

This is a plant, tree thing that walks around and interacts with people. It was taking a rest for a moment when I took this pic, but it was a crowd stopper when it moved. can make incredible things happen when you get your team together and dream...create...and make it become reality.
-I stopped to ask a cast member a simple question and she gave me way, way too much information. She kept going on and on and on...stuff that wasn't even related to the question I had asked her. We finally had to politely back away and get away before she drove us crazy!
Takeaway...don't overload people with too much information...especially first-time guests. They are just trying to get their kids to the right room, find out where the auditorium is, etc. Keep your directions and info. simple and precise. Don't bury them in too many details!
-Disney has people and characters that are available to greet you and take pictures with you. Below is a picture we took with a cast member today. available and approachable on weekends for kids and families. Don't be so busy running around that you don't have time to hang out and greet kids and families. If you're too busy to do that, then enlist enough volunteers so that you're not doing everything and you have time to just be there for people.
After lunch we headed over to the flagship...The Magic Kingdom. Here's some takeaways I picked up.
-Many of the timeless, classic experiences have been updated to stay relevant. An of my favorite rides...Pirates. Notice in the picture below who has been added to the ride...Captain Jack Sparrow.

Takeaway...know the culture and stay relevant. Is there anything you need to update or change?
-Disney now has a website where they post pictures their photographers take of you while you are at the park. You can go to and view the pictures, share them, and purchase them if you'd like.
Takeaway...take pictures of the children and families in your ministry (with written permission) and make them available online for them.

-Attention to detail. Anywhere you go in the Magic Kingdom, you will see attention to detail. As I rode through the Haunted Mansion, I noticed the cobwebs hanging from the chandeliers. Details.'s the attention to the small details that turns good into great.

-Music. Disney strategically uses music throughout the park to set the mood for each environment and time of day. Ever notice when you enter in the morning hours that the music is peppy...when you leave at night the music is soothing and relaxing...when you enter themed areas the music reflects that environment. All on purpose.
Takeaway...use music in your hallways and environments pre and post service to help create the experience you want kids and families to have.

-When I was leaving, I noticed the exit gate had a big sign that says, "Have a magical day!" One last touch to make people's day.
Takeaway...what sign or words can you put at your exit doors to encourage kids and families as they are leaving your children's ministry each week?

That's it for today. More tomorrow from Hollywood Studios and Epcot. Audios!