The Shoe!

Last night our family went to a Miami Heat game. It was my wife's first NBA game. She actually enjoyed it and said she wants to go back. Not bad for someone whose favorite show is "What Not To Wear." Anyways,during the 4th quarter the announcer said to look under your seat. If you found a ticket taped underneath, you would win autographed memorabilia. Out of 20K seats, we were amazed that my son Josh had a ticket under his seat. We took the ticket down to the court and they gave us the shoe pictured below.

It's an autographed shoe that Jamaal Magloire wore during a game.

Jamaal is a 6'11" center for the Heat. The shoe is a size 18. My son Josh, who is 6'4" and wears a size 16, finally has a shoe that is bigger than his!

I also picked up a great idea for our family service while I was at the game. I'll share it with you in a later post!