Listening Posts

Our volunteer coordinators are currently reading a book called "Be Our Guest...Perfecting the Art of Customer Service." It takes you inside the guest services philosophy of Disney.

Chapter 2 talks about having "listening posts." Listening posts are strategic ways to get insight and feedback from your team and guests. Today we came up with a listening post for our volunteer team. Once a quarter we are going to send out a quick email survey to all our volunteer team. We going to have them give us insight, feedback, and ideas on how we can do a better job in these four areas.

-Connection (relationships - do they feel connected, are they establishing relationships with the people they serve with, etc.)

-Care (are they being cared for, prayed for, checked on, etc.)

-Challenge (are they being challenged to grow spiritually, take next steps in ministry, etc.)

-Celebration (do they feel valued, appreciated, etc.)

These surveys will help us do a better job at equipping and encouraging our volunteer team in these four areas. We'll find out where we are weak or lacking and work to strengthen those areas.