Kids on Fire for God!

Below is an email we received today from a mother. Her daughter is on fire for God. Children can make a difference and be passionate about their faith!

Thank you so much! I have to share something about Cailyn -- Cailyn has always had a passion for Christ. Her father and I weren't churchgoers, but when Cailyn was 3 my parents used to take her to church at Christ Fellowship on Saturday nights when they babysat for us. Around that time, Cailyn's father and I got divorced. Cailyn would constantly ask me "Mommy, when are you going to take me to church? Can we go to church???" She was relentless. What mom can turn down a 3 year old wanting to go to church?

Because of her desire to be at church, I started going and renewed the relationship I had with Christ but had abandoned many years ago. Cailyn has also persuaded her father, who has never had a relationship with Christ, to at least listen to Way FM when he is taking her to school. That's a tremendous feat and will hopefully be a first step on her dad's journey towards becoming a believer. He also says he wants to attend her baptism, which is big step for him.

Besides the impact she has had on my life and her father's life, after the Journey's class she was so fired up about wanting to share the message of Jesus, what He has done for us and how to get to heaven, that she has asked if she could start a club for her friends and classmates so they could talk about Jesus and she could pass on Jesus' message to them. Again, what mom can turn down an 8 year old who is so passionate about sharing her faith? I certainly didn't have that kind of drive when I was her age, and even at my current age, I was initially resistant to the idea. She was so excited about doing this, though, that we're now working on starting up a club so kids her age can get together and learn and share about Jesus' role in our lives. She came up with the name "That's the Spirit!" for the club, in recognition of the work the Holy Spirit does in our lives, and after school starts we are inviting all of her classmates over for a monthly gathering to share about Jesus, do crafts and play games. I am truly blessed to have a child who is excited to live a life for Christ and who wants to take an active role in bringing this message to her friends. I'm so amazed at her passion and willingness to follow God's plan for her life. I've often thought about how I need to be more active in sharing my faith with my friends but I never follow through. Cailyn didn't have to think about it -- she just dove in and found a way to do it. I ask that you would include us in your prayers and ask that God bless our endeavor and lead Cailyn and I through this experience.