One of the largest children and family events in Florida will be held next weekend. The Kid's World Expo is held at the fairgrounds near one of our campuses and attracts over 25,000 children and families. All the big boys are there such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Toys 'R Us, etc.

We found out the name of the lady who directs this and contacted her about setting up a booth.We not only got the green light for a booth, but our children's praise team and hip hop dance team will be performing live on the main stage. (she also has started attending our church as a result of the contact)

At our booth we will be having face painting, balloon animals, games, etc. and provide each family with info. about our children's ministry and a gift. I am looking forward to spending two days connecting with thousands of unchurched families and sharing Jesus' love with them.

For the next 2 weeks, we are running 50 commercials on secular radio inviting people to join us for the event.

It's important to be strategic in your outreach. This was one of those opportunities that we felt God compelling us to go for. I'll share how it went and post pictures after the event next weekend.