God Sends People!

Catch God's vision for your church's children's ministry and He will send people to fulfill His vision.

  • This past weekend we opened our new children's building. (I'll post pics later this week) 260 new people signed up to join our children's team at the opening! And it wasn't a high-pressure, guilt ridden plea from the stage. We simply placed a table in each new room with a person standing beside it to answer questions. God sent these new people because we know He has a big vision to reach lots of new children and families in the days ahead.
  • A man recently started attending our church. He came by our children's guest services table a few weeks ago and noticed we do drama and video. As I talked with him, he shared with me what he does for a living. He is a producer for Disney and Universal. Casts shows like Cory in the House, Hannah Montana, etc. He is feeling a call to come alongside us and help with programming, video production, etc. He is meeting with our team next week.
Catch God's vision. If it is His...He will send the people to make it fly!