Do You Have a Plan?

Tonight I was at the Wellington Greens Mall. I had picked up some shirts and shorts to surprise my son Caleb with. I was walking back to Dillards where I had entered the mall, when suddenly a lady came running out of a store screaming. She was frantic. She began to scream "Gabriella...Gabriella!!!" A couple of employees gathered around her and it quickly became obvious that she had lost her daughter. Everyone seemed frozen with panic as she ran back and forth screaming out her daughter's name.

A lady standing nearby shouted out that they needed to lock down all exits. After a couple of agonizing minutes that seemed like an eternity, the little two year old girl was found in the back of the store.

It reminded me of the extreme importance of having a clear plan of action when a child is missing. Do you have a plan for your ministry? Do your staff and team know what it is? It can mean the difference between tragedy and recovery.