Children's Ministry...It's Not Just Ministry to Children

This picture was taken this past weekend. Our exec. pastor was walking by the volunteer suite and took it. It's Sheano, our awesome 1-3rd grade coordinator, ministering to one of his volunteers. It's no accident that his ministry is overflowing with great adult volunteers.

You see...children's ministry is not just ministry to children. It's also ministry to the adults who minister to the children. An effective children's ministry leader is just as passionate about ministering to adults as they are children.

I once attended a seminar with a man who is amazing on stage with children. After the presentation, I wanted to find out more ideas about how he built volunteer teams. He shared with me that basically he ran a one man show. Because of this, his local church ministry had plateaued. You can be great on stage with children, but if you can't build and lead a team, then you will plateau and be limited long term.

I believe one of the best things you can do as a new or young children's pastor is to grow your skills and leadership abilities with adults. Show me a great children's ministry and I will show you a children's ministry that is effective at leading and ministering to adults.