How Do You Budget?

It's that time of year for me...planning next year's budget. I am working with our campus directors to finalize their budgets for the five campuses. In addition, I am responsible for the core budget which are funds for initiatives that are used across all campuses.

We are called to be wise stewards. How do we wisely invest the money we have been entrusted with to make the biggest impact? Here is the approach I take...

1. Start with your vision. What is your children's ministry called to do?
2. Create steps that will help you get to that vision. (this includes processes, programming, events, etc.)
3. Prioritize your steps. Narrow it down to a few things that you can do well.
4. Budget to those steps.

I am reminded of the story of the servants who were given talents in the Bible. Some invested wisely and brought forth good fruit while some squandered what they had been given. I want to be a servant of God that uses the finances He provides to bring forth fruit.