How Thirsty Are You?

I've noticed that people who read a lot of blogs and a lot of books also tend to be intellectually curious, thirsty for knowledge, quicker to adopt new ideas and more likely to do important work.
I wonder which comes first, the curiosity or the success?
-Seth Godin
Wow...what a great thought from Seth's blog this morning. Being is the beginning of success. It caused me to ask myself some questions this morning. How thirsty am I? How thirsty am I to see God work in my life? How thirsty am I to see the ministry go to the next level? How thirsty am I to grow as a person and leader? How thirsty am I to grow closer to God? How thirsty am I to break out of the mold and change things for the better?

As the deer pants for the my soul thirsts for You God...Psalm

Ponder that question thirsty are you?