Nov 23, 2009

The Law of the Few

I'm thankful for name tags. Without them, I'd be embarrassed every weekend. I simply can't remember the names of all the kids and ministry partners (volunteers) in our children's ministry.

But I do know the names of a few kids and ministry partners that I am pouring into. There's the boy that I'm helping work thru anger issues...there's the little girl that has a special place in my heart - my wife and I have walked with her through some tough times...there's the student ministry partner that I talk football with...there's the ministry partner that's retired and who just got baptized....there's the ministry partner that I'm praying with during a tough economic situation...
  • I pour into a few people called our staff...
  • Each staff member pours into a few Coaches (ministry partners who take care of 6-8 other ministry partners)...
  • Each Coach pours into a few Life Group Leaders
  • Each Life Group Leader pours into a few kids
Jesus poured into a few disciples and through those few disciples the world was changed.

Follow the law of the few and you will impact many.