Mar 4, 2010

Preschool Ministry... A Sign of Church Health

Preschool ministry is a vital sign of a healthy church. If your preschool ministry is growing, it means you are reaching young families. How is the pulse of your preschool ministry? Is it growing? Is it attracting young families?

Check out Turbo Charged Preschool Ministry for proven ideas for growing a healthy preschool ministry.


Your site came up under "recommended sources" in my gmail news reader, so I thought I would take a look.

This post sold me on your blog! You got a new subscriber!

For many years I have been telling people that the health of a church can be measured by the preschool ministry. It has amazed me (and frustated me) how many are looking at the size of the youth group as an indicator.

Your book - "Turbo Charged Preschool Ministry" - is not in budget this week, but I have put it on my 'books to buy' list.

I will be mentioning your blog and this post on my blog.

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