The Care Factor

Have you been to a doctor's appointment where you left feeling devalued? You know...the doctor rushes in the room, spends more time looking at the file than you, and you can tell he is hearing, but not "listening" to what you are saying. He quickly diagnoses you and is out the door.

Well...I am blessed to have a doctor who is not like that. In fact, he really, really cares about our family. He sits down and listens...and I mean really listens. He spends at the minimum, 3o minutes, sitting and caring for our needs. He is more than our family doctor...he is our friend.

In the picture below, my son is holding an ipad. It was a gift from our doctor. Yep...he bought my son an ipad...just because he cares for our family. Of course, anytime someone says they are looking for a family doctor, we are quick to recommend him.

I want to have that kind of "care factor" for the people who walk through the doors of our church. I want them to feel valued, really listened to, and know that we really do care for them. When that happens, the word will spread, and families will be drawn to your church.

It's called the "Care Factor!"