How Is It Financed?

Some have asked how we finance the below projects for kids. Great question. We work closely with the missions/outreach department of our church. They give us ideas that kids can purchase that our missions/outreach department can turn around and make a reality.

We provide a quarterly report to the kids and parents on what has been purchased. We are working on getting actual pictures and video of their "gifts" in action so we can post them in the store. We are also working on connecting our kids to some of the kids they are sponsoring.

We also have times where kids can do the actual missional work themselves. Hands on. Couple of examples...last fall they came together to put together meals for families in need at Thanksgiving. A few weeks ago, the kids came together to make teddy bears to give kids in the hospital.

We have shifted to providing more missional activities instead of "fun-just-for-the-sake-of-fun" activities. Example. In a few weeks our 1-3rd graders are going to meet at the beach (with their parents) and pick up trash and pass out free Popsicles to people. Our summer 4-5th grade "camp" is going to be a service outreach project that they do in another city nearby.

Kids want to make a difference...they want to be missional...let's release them to do just that!