"Church" Conference

I have been to every major children's ministry conference there is. I enjoy so much learning, connecting, and walking away refreshed and pumped up to do ministry.

Here's another angle at conferences. Try using some of your conference time to go to a church that you want to learn from, but schedule to be there during their weekend services. Look for ideas, take notes, ask questions, and arrange to spend time with their staff. Some of my best learning experiences have come from visiting a local church outside of "conference time."

It's funny how we put our best foot forward during a conference. Wow...it seems the church has everything together. But instead...how about visiting on an average weekend. That way you get to see the good stuff, the warts, and the real ministry that goes on. Every church has things they need to improve. I can give you a long list of stuff we need to improve. And that's okay. And that's why if you visit a church outside of "conference" time you will get a better picture of what is happening and ideas that you can use.

Just a thought.