Great Idea From TSA

This morning I was going through the TSA security check at the Baltimore airport. At several places along my stop-start-stop-start-stop-start journey through the line, they had banners posted like the one below. Now if you're like me, you don't stop to get to know the TSA officers while going through the security check.  Of course, it would hardly be possible anyways. Until today, they were just nameless officers that I hurried by in my dash to get to my gate.But the banners made the officers more personal as I read about them and the part they play on the TSA team.

Idea pop! This week I'm going to have our graphics team start creating banners like the one below. We will have 2-3 in the hallway each month that will feature some of our awesome volunteers. We'll tell about the important role they play in reaching children and families. I think it will also be a great way to cast vision and invite people to join our team.

Always be looking for never know where you will find them!