Need More Volunteers?

And you thought you needed alot more volunteers!

I took this picture last week at the Smithsonian Institute in DC. It reminded me that our ministry needs lots more volunteers...and we always will. Now our need is not quite as much as above...but we could plug in several hundred right now.

So, what if you did need 30,000 volunteers? What would be the best way to enlist them? The magic answer at a time! Jesus showed us how to build a team. He invited people to join Him one at a time.

Each week we invite people to join our team. We ask God to lead us to people He has been preparing to volunteer. And it works...every week. Take yesterday for an example. Over 30 people joined our team. And every one of them was invited one on one. God led me yesterday to two people who are now going to be part of our team. I always pray for divine appointments. One of my divine appointments yesterday was the starting wide receiver for a local high school. The moment I saw him, God spoke to my heart and said this young man can make a big impact on elementary boys...go ask him. The ask was easy and he eagerly said yes.

I want to encourage you to stop relying on bulletin announcements or pleas from the pulpit. Start asking God to lead you to people each week whom He has prepared to serve. Ask those people every week. And before you know it you will have 30,000 volunteers...well maybe not 30,000...but more than you have right now!