Sep 28, 2010

Multi-Site Churches (and children's ministries) Are Multiplying

According to an article by Leadership Network, multi-site churches are rapidly multiplying. And in most cases, this means that their children's ministries are as well. When your children's ministry goes multi-site, it brings many new opportunities as well as many new challenges. I am part of the multi-site group at If you are a multi-site children's ministry, check it out. Great place to connect with other people living in the multi-site world. I also recently wrote an article in K magazine and shared some tips and mistakes I've learned from on the multi-site journey.

The article by Leadership Network can be accessed by going here, clicking on e-newsletters, and then Sept.28th article.

Posted by Dale Hudson


Good stuff Dale! And great article in K! my friend! Great resource...thank you!

Thanks for reminding me about the K magazine article. I had forgotten about it. Guess that's part of being over the 40 year hill!

I can't find the link for the Leadership Magazine article. I'm sure I'm missing something. Can you help?

-- Joey

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