How to Reach the World!

It was after service last week. The voices, giggles, and laughter of hundreds of children had faded away as the building gave way to the silence that follows weekend services. I was walking around checking to make sure everything was turned off.

Suddenly, something caught my attention. It jumped out at me from the glass doors that lead outside. It was a single hand print...left by a child. God's Spirit spoke to me through the still small voice within.

You I knelt down to look at the hand print...behind it was our world globe in the background.  As I took this picture, the Holy Spirit reminded me that you reach the world one child at a time.

As I've reflected on this, here are some things God's been teaching me...
  • I need to look beyond the crowd and see the person. 
  • I'm asking God to lead me to one child each weekend that I can connect with and make a difference in his/her life individually. It may be the child with the first time family, the girl who's had a rough week due to her parents going through a divorce, or a child who just needs to know that someone cares.
  • I must remember that God loves the person at a time. If that child had been the only person who ever sinned...Jesus would have died just for him/her.
  • I need to start intentionally sending an encouraging card or note to at least one child each week. That card will mean the world to him/her.
  • Help me to remember that one child reached can be used of God to change the world. Incredible potential lies within that one child I reach.
What is the Holy Spirit saying to you through this picture?

Posted by Dale Hudson