Kid Culture Connection Ideas

Jesus set the example for us. He used everyday objects from His culture as a bridge to connect people to Biblical truth. Some examples He used were birds of air, fish, flowers, coins, sheep, and more.

So...what are some ideas you have to use today's kid culture to connect kids to Biblical truth? I'm going to post a few I've been thinking about this morning. Then I'm inviting you to share some that you've thought about or used. By the end of this thread, we can have lots of culturally relevant ideas in our kidmin tool belts.
  • The Bible - It's like a great big, TEXT MESSAGE from God to you. 
    • Following God's plan for your life - it's like SYNCING UP YOUR IPOD WITH YOUR COMPUTER.
    • Growing spiritually - It's like GETTING TO THE NEXT LEVEL IN YOUR VIDEO GAME.
    There's three to start...keep the thread to hear your ideas!

     Posted by Dale Hudson