Never Fly Solo!

"Where there is no counsel, plans fail; but in a multitude of counselors they are established."
Proverbs 15:22

Most of the things I share on this blog are things I am learning on my kidmin journey. This is one area I have tried to improve in the last few years. Still got a ways to go...but making strides.

The bottom line is the wisdom that flows from the verse above. NEVER FLY SOLO! In other words, don't make decisions alone. Have a group of people around you that help you make decisions.

  • Never counsel alone. Have someone else in the room with you.
  • When you feel you need to dismiss a volunteer or staff member, get the advice and confirmation of exec. leadership that it's the right decision before you pull the trigger. Then if it turns ugly, you know they've got your back. And make sure you have someone else in the room with you when you meet with the person.
  • When you are facing a major ministry decision, turn to friends who are much older and wiser than you for advice. I have several men on our staff team who are older and much wiser than I am. Anytime I need to make an important ministry decision, I run it by them. I've saved myself a lot of mistakes by doing this.
  • Don't plan or create alone. Bring your team into the process. Now matter how creative or gifted you are, your idea or plan will be much better if you let other people help you develop it.
  •  If you run a background check on a potential volunteer and something pops, have a team of at least three people who make the decision if the person will be allowed to serve.
Remember, you can go faster alone...but you can go further together. Who are your counselors? Who are the people who help you make important decisions? Don't fly solo! 

Posted by Dale Hudson