Responding Instead of Reacting

Here's an area I gotta' keep working on. I've gained some ground in recent years, but still gotta ways to go. If you're in ministry...eventually you will be faced with someone who is ticked off. You will become the object of their anger, complaining, disagreement, or criticism.

If you're like me, your natural tendency is to react. React by defending yourself, your ministry, or your motivation. Whether you are right or not, is not the point. The point is not to react...but to respond.

When you react, you are answering in the flesh and can lose control...clash your anger into theirs, say things you shouldn't...lose your composure...even hurt your leadership. My hand is up...I have been guilty of this.

The best thing to do is respond instead of reacting. When you respond you slow down...don't let your emotions get out of control...pray and seek God's face before you speak...even postpone answering if necessary to ensure this happens...speak out of love and grace.

Remember...a gentle answer turns away wrath. Speak the truth in love. When we do this, we are inviting the Holy Spirit to come in and take control. We are stepping out of the way and allowing His authority to guide the situation. When that happens, God will work even in the most difficult of situations.

I want to be a responder instead of a reactor.