Parents Who Pray

Last night I had the joy of celebrating baptism with two families. The kids had all been through our Journey Class and made a solid commitment to Christ. As we were upstairs waiting to go out for baptism, I asked these two fathers to pray over their children who were about to be baptized.

As I listened to these fathers pray, I was reminded of the power of a parent's prayer. I need to encourage our parents to pray for their children more. I need to give them opportunities to pray over their children. I need to encourage them to...
  • Pray God's armor of protection around their child each day.
  • Pray that their child will love God with all his/her heart.
  • Pray for their child's future spouse.
  • Pray that their child will discover and follow God's will for his/her life.
  • Pray that their child will make wise decisions.
  • Pray that God will bring good friends into their life who will be a good influence on them.
What are some other powerful prayers parents can pray over their children? What are some opportunities you give for parents to pray over their children? Love to hear your prayer thoughts and ideas.

Posted by Dale Hudson