Creativity...Where Does It Come From?

This is one of the funniest, most creative commercials I have ever seen.
My wife and I laugh every time we see it.

How did someone come up with this? Probably the same way most creative ideas are birthed...
  • A group of people got in a room to brainstorm.
  • They agreed that no idea is a bad idea.
  • They agreed that once you lay an idea on the table, it is no longer attached to you. It is simply an idea that everyone can look at, make better, or even push back against. And the person who laid it down will not get upset because of this line of thinking.
  • An idea sparked in someone's head and he/she said, "I've got an idea...what if....?" The idea had something to do with an animal or even a pig.
  • That idea sparked another idea in someone else's head and they said, "That reminds me of the story of the little pig who...."
  • Everyone's eyes brightened...they knew they were on to something.
  • Someone said, "What if the pig was in a car going home from school?"
  • An idea sparked in someone else's head and they said "Yeah....and you know what would be funny? If he was annoying the people he was with because of his constant squealing."
  • Everyone started smiling. They knew they had found it. It sounded good. It fit. It flowed well. It resonated with everyone. It was clear they had a great idea.
  • In the ensuing weeks, they continued to tweak and make it better until it was ready to become reality.
You may not think you or your team is very creative. Yes you are. There is creativity in every person on your team. All you need to do is get in a room, follow the above pattern, and you will be amazed at the creative ideas that will be birthed. Try it. If you do, I'd love to hear some of the great ideas that were birthed from it.

Posted by Dale Hudson