Nov 30, 2010

Christmas Family Experience

The Christmas Family Experience is a shared experience that we produce for kids and their parents. We had great response at our first one last year. Praying for another great time of connection with families again this year. Families are looking for Christmas events to attend together and it really hits a niche' in our area.

Below is the invite card we gave our families to invite unchurched neighbors, co-workers, etc. There is also a video email invite below that we will be emailing out to families next week.

Families eat together and then attend the show. The show this year is a "Whoville" theme. We have constructed a large Whoville town and the Grinch and Cindy Lou Who will be showing up. By the end of the show, the Grinch will understand "Who" Christmas is all about.

After the show, families will spend time together at interactive booths. Some of the booths are face painting, creating Christmas cards together, a family photo, a nativity scene, and more. And there is also snow...yep...snow in Florida (snow machines). I will post pictures and video footage after the event.


I am trying to view the video you have of the FX you did, "Who's this about anyway". Can't find it. Can you tell me how to access it?

Hi Myrna, you can view the video at this link. Blessings.

What's the address to the place where you are having this event??

This year we are hosting one at our Boynton Beach campus on Friday, Dec. 7 at 6:30 pm. Address is

4975 Park Ridge Blvd.

Boynton Beach, FL 33426

t really impressed byt the use of advertising media especially the video email & the double sided invite card that they can give to neighbors. It looks really exciting and yes releveant. I also really like that its not just a play but an experience. You must have some really talented people there! So glad i found this website so inspiring.

Thank you. It was a lot of fun. Have a blessed Christmas.


Our church is interested in purchasing the Whoville Christmas program you did last year - can you please let me know the price?

Hi Melissa. There is no cost for the program outline and notes. If you email me at, I will be glad to send them to you.

WOULD LOVE to know more about This Email any info to

Is it still possible to get the program outline and notes? If so, please email them to me at

Hello, I live in New York and i am looking for something new and interesting to bring to my church for the holidays. How can I find out more info on whoville, program and notes. My email is thanking you in advance.

Respected Sir,
We a lots of thank to you are helping us thanks to you. We are preparing to spend well Christmas,but our problem is we are meeting many complain by unbeliever local Muslim and Hindu peoples. Please pray for us.

Hi, I am looking at ideas for our Christmas play at church this year - this looks great! Just wondering if you have an video so I can see it? It says no video available on this page. Thanks

Hi Monique, the video clip is not available at this time. But you can get more written info and get it for your church at Look under the resources areaa - it's in the family experience session

Hi! How can I access this program Who is this all about? Thanks!

Hi Cathy - it is available at this link - look under the resources tab and then family experience section.

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