Great Ideas From Great Churches (Pt.6)

Recently, I took some of our Early Childhood staff to visit three churches in the Dallas area. I enjoy going to conferences for ideas and inspiration, but I also get just as much out of visiting churches that are getting the job done and making an impact in their community. We picked up some great ideas from these three great churches. Today's post is about the third church we visited.

Fellowship Church in Dallas has one of the most amazing children's ministries on the planet. They are the creators of Elevate curriculum. My friend Mike Johnson and his team have raised the bar high when it comes to excellence in children's ministry.

We got so many ideas that I won't be able to fit them in one blog post. So I'm posting one idea on weekdays until I get them all covered.  Here's idea #6.

When we drove into the church parking lot, there were signs that encouraged you to turn on your headlights if you were a guest or your hazard lights if you were a parent of a baby/preschooler. We were then directed to the best parking area right in front of the children's building.

This may seem small,  but it is huge.  A guest decides in the first 8 minutes if they will return to your church. You certainly don't want them spending those 8 minutes trying to find a parking spot or walking from the back of the parking lot.

This also communicates to parents with babies/preschoolers that you highly value them. It can be difficult to navigate across a parking lot with a stroller, diaper bags, purses, and other things in your arms. But it is a lot more easier when you are parked right in front of the building.

The parking lot is a great place to show families that you care about them and have created a place with them in mind.