The Few...The Loud...The Antagonists

Here's a fact of life. No matter what you do in children's ministry...someone is not going to like it. Stats show that at least 2% of people are going to become disgruntled, angry, or opponents of anything you do. And that 2% is usually vocal about it...very vocal about it.

A lot of us in ministry are people pleasers. I am. I want everyone to be happy, be thrilled with the ministry, and cheer for us loudly. But it usually doesn't work that way. Yes, 98% of the people are satisfied, but at least 2% or more are usually not happy and they let me know about it.

And that's okay. In recent years, I've gotten more used to this and accepted it as a part of leadership. Here's some things I've learned and am still learning.
  • I listen to the antagonists. There is usually something I can learn from them...there is usually at least a grain of truth in what they are saying. What they say may or may not have any bearing on decisions, but I'd be foolish not to listen.
  • I don't develop my ministry philosophy and programming based on the extremes of antagonists or "anything you say" supporters. Usually I try to land in the middle of the two. Right where the average family and average child is. This enables me to connect with the biggest percentage of people.
  • One thing is for sure...if you try to please everyone, you'll drive yourself berserk. The quickest way to failure is to try to accommodate everyone.
  • Don't let the backlash of the 2% keep you from seeing the blessings of the 98%.
 Posted by Dale Hudson