December Spark

Spark is a monthly video we send to our volunteers to encourage and equip them. This month's video is about how to effectively talk with kids. Below are 25 phrases that you can also use to build up children with your words.

DECEMBER SPARK from Dale Hudson on Vimeo.

25 Phrases You Can Use to Build Kids Up With Your Words
1. You are a cool kid!
2. You rock!
3. I'm so proud of you!
4. You are a champion!
5. Great job!
6. I wouldn't trade you for any other kid in the world!
7. Way to go!
8. Jesus loves you!
9. You are special!
10. God has great plans for your life!
11. I believe in you!
12. You're a winner!
13. What's up, star?
14. You are such a good kid!
15. I'm cheering for you!
16. Oh yeah!
17. ________ is in the house!
18. You're the best!
19. You hold a special place in my heart!
20. God is going to use your life in a great way!
21. Great work!
22. You are one awesome kid!
23. You're a bright light for Jesus!
24. God is on your side!
25. You can do it!

Posted by Dale Hudson