Clear Out The Clutter!

Have you seen the TV show called Hoarders? It's about people whose houses are filled with clutter....normally thousands of pieces of clutter.

There's another thing that's really cluttered...the messaging that comes our way every day. The average city dweller's life is cluttered with over 5,200 messages a day. It can quickly become a big pile of clutter in our minds and cause us to not be able to focus on a few important messages each day.

Here's the challenge with that. How do we make our message rise above all the clutter? How do we bring it to the forefront of a family's attention each week?

One key answer lies in keeping your messaging simple. The next Chronicles of Narnia movie is coming out Dec. 10. I noticed this billboard yesterday.

I not only noticed it, but I remembered it. What made it rise above the clutter of the hundreds of ads I saw yesterday? Simplicity. When it comes to getting your message out, less is best. See the billboard behind it. I couldn't tell you what was on it. Why? Too much info.

So take a look at your kidmin messaging? Is it simple or full of clutter? How about your parent take home papers? How about your events that are coming up?

Here's a few steps to help you effectively bring your message to the forefront of all the clutter.

1. Meet as a team.

2. Narrow down your event, program, etc. down to just a few words. These are the key word(s(s) you will message.

3. Make sure everyone on the team is using the same, simple language when talking about the event, program, etc.

4. Start your "less is more" advertising for the event at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

Posted by Dale Hudson