Jan 10, 2011

Books Our Team Reads

One of the best things our team does to grow is read and discuss books together. We read 2-3 chapters a week and then discuss what we read. I am always challenged and grow as I hear the different insights and perspectives of our staff.

I also seek to know where we are as a team and what we need at this stage in our journey. I am strategic in which books I choose. If we need to grow as leaders, then we read a book about leadership. If we need to become better at conflict resolution, then we read a book about that. If we need to get fresh, visionary ideas, then we read a book along those lines. If we need to be spiritually renewed, then the read is about that. You get the picture.

We are very intentional about this as part of our staff development plan. Staff keeps their copy, so it is also an investment into their life and ministry.

Here are some books we have read, are reading, or I have on the list for this year.

What are some books you recommend a team to read together? Like to hear your insight and ideas. Tomorrow I will post websites, blogs, and e-newsletters that I read.


Thanks for the books recommendations! Hey! If you happen to know anyone using Lifeway's Big Apple Adventure material for VBS this summer, us church planters would be grateful if you passed this video on to them. Thanks so much!


Freddy T.

Hey Freddy, thanks for the post. Checked out your website. Exciting to see what God is doing. I've been to NYC once and was overwhelmed at such a great mission field. May God bless you and your ministry. I'll post your link on some key children's ministry sites. Keep in touch and if you're ever in South Florida come by and see us. In fact,you'd feel right at home. Half of Florida are transplants from the New York area.

Thanks for this. We're recently starting to implement Team meetings once a month, and I would love to introduce the idea of a book discussion. These would be some great ones to consider. I've also read "First Impressions" -- a good one to add to the list.
Lindsey @ GrowingKidsMinistry.com

Thanks Lindsey, I'll have to check out first impressions book.

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