Books Our Team Reads

One of the best things our team does to grow is read and discuss books together. We read 2-3 chapters a week and then discuss what we read. I am always challenged and grow as I hear the different insights and perspectives of our staff.

I also seek to know where we are as a team and what we need at this stage in our journey. I am strategic in which books I choose. If we need to grow as leaders, then we read a book about leadership. If we need to become better at conflict resolution, then we read a book about that. If we need to get fresh, visionary ideas, then we read a book along those lines. If we need to be spiritually renewed, then the read is about that. You get the picture.

We are very intentional about this as part of our staff development plan. Staff keeps their copy, so it is also an investment into their life and ministry.

Here are some books we have read, are reading, or I have on the list for this year.

What are some books you recommend a team to read together? Like to hear your insight and ideas. Tomorrow I will post websites, blogs, and e-newsletters that I read.