Websites, Blogs, and E-newsletters I Follow

You are sitting in front of a portal to unlimited resources, growth materials, leadership training, connection opportunities, inspiration, insight, fresh ideas, curriculum, knowledge, collaboration, and more. You're looking into the screen of the portal right now. It's your computer, iPad, cell phone, or other electronic device that is connected to the world wide web.

I use the word "unlimited" because there is so much available. The availability is not the problem. Time is the biggest challenge. All of us only have a certain amount of time each day where we can access this portal of unlimited information.

So...we must choose wisely. What websites are the most effective at helping you become a better leader? What blogs encourage, enlighten, and challenge you? What twitters do you follow that provide inspiration? What online newsletters do you subscribe to that help you grow in your ministry role?

Below are the ones I follow at this point in my ministry. This list changes as my needs change or I as discover something new online that will help me grow. How much online content should a person follow? Everyone has to decide that for themselves.  Just remember, if you're spending so much time online that it's replacing personal, real-time, hands on ministry, then you might want to narrow your list.

What are you following online? Would enjoy checking out where your portal is taking you. Tomorrow I will be listing the magazines I subscribe to.

Posted by Dale Hudson