Road Construction...Gotta' Love It

Road Construction...gotta' love it. Today I had to go through several miles of it on my way to Orlando. Earlier this week I saw this sign and it reminded me of things road construction and personal growth work have in common.
  • It causes you to slow down some, but the end result makes things more efficient.
  • It takes a lot of patience going through it.
  • It takes others to help keep it going.
  • There has to be a plan behind it.
  • It can cause detours you didn't expect.
  • It can get rough and bumpy at times.
  • There are tools involved.
  • There will be times when you feel like you are at a standstill. Just keep will begin to move again.
  • If someone is waving a flag at you, pay attention...they're only trying to keep you safe.
  • It will never end as the sign above says.
What similarities do you see between the two? Would enjoy reading anything you would like to add.

Posted by Dale Hudson