Children's Ministry Rock Stars

We recently introduced something new with our volunteers. We handpicked a few key volunteers in each ministry area to be Children's Ministry Rock Stars. A Children's Ministry Rock Star is a high impact leader who models what it means to be a difference maker.

They wear a special shirt and badge that identifies them. Their specific role is to...
  • Champion Children's Ministry.
  • Welcome and mentor new volunteers.
  • Make new kids and families feel welcome.
  • Invite other people to join the team.
The people we asked to be Rock Stars were excited about the opportunity and jumped on board. Anytime you can raise up leaders of leaders it will help your Children's Ministry go to a new level. Our Rock Stars are making a big impact in the lives of children and other leaders.

Think about the Rock Stars who serve in your Children's Ministry. Identify them, empower them, and let them shine!

Here is a picture of their shirt and badge. They even enjoy wearing the sunglasses!