Jun 7, 2011

It's About the Heart...Not Just the Head

Research shows that many kids walk away from church when they get out of school. I believe one reason is because of teaching information without emphasizing life transformation. Somehow we think if we fill kid's heads with information, they will love Jesus. Information is vital, but without application and life change, it can be seed that falls on stony ground.

In this video, I share some keys to helping kids receive God's Word not only in their head, but in their heart as well.

Posted by Dale Hudson


Loved this!!! Thank you!!! I embedded your video on my blog post today.

Great video and topic. I'm going to link to this later this week, as a follow up to a post about Passing on Your Faith (http://differentway4kids.blogspot.com/2011/05/passing-on-your-faith.html).

Like you, I believe that we have to do more than just give head knowledge. Parents (and other leaders) need to model a life of discipleship by living sacrificially.

This is a great subject that should become a passion for all Children's Workers, Teachers, and Pastors.

Amen and Amen Dale, well said.

I just posted something that might add to this - it is another step in kids taking ownership of the scripture and thus understanding the need and having the desire to apply it.


Head knowledge with out heart transformation is useless. Also part of that heart change is having adults in their lives who are modeling transformation and relationship with Jesus.

Thank you for this revelation. It is wonderful I will incorporate it in my teaching the children and my kids at home. God bless.
Ivy -

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