Door Knob Details

Attention to detail is the foundation for excellence. Excellence is simply a lot of little details done very well. Disney is known for doing things with excellence. Below is a video showing some of the door knobs at Disneyworld. A door knob may seem like something small. But not if you're committed to excellence. It's an opportunity to shine in the details.

Excellence isn't perfection. But it is the pursuit of perfection. As you watch this video, think about these questions...

  • Am I committed to doing details matter how small they may seem?
  • If I find a typo in a newsletter that is getting ready to go out...will I throw away all the copies, fix it, and reprint them?
  • When I see a small piece of trash in the hallway, do I pick it up or walk past it?
  • When I promise someone I will do something for them, do I follow matter how small the task?
  • When I see a piece of paint chipped off the I ignore it or get it touched up?
  • Are there typos in the text I put on screen?
  • Do I go into the weekends well prepared or with just enough to get by?

Posted by Dale Hudson