Jul 8, 2011

Children's Ministry: Why So Important?

My friend Tony Kummer at www.ministry-to-children.com interviewed 25 kidmin leaders this week at the CMX conference. The question he asked was "Why is Children's Ministry so important?" I believe the responses will be an encouragement to you and a reminder that you have one of the most important ministry jobs in the world!

Posted by Dale Hudson


I appreciate the candid moments captured in this video. I would add that the Great Commission is why kid min is so important. The 4/14 window reveals that kids 4 years-14 years old are the largest unreached people group on the planet. It's all about our King Coming back! As we teach and the Spirit lays the foundation, kids are discovering their purpose and living as Salt and Light. Children's Ministry isn't just important, it's a direct commission from the Creator.

Thanks for sharing Jamie. So true about the 4/14 window. Blessings.

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