Jul 12, 2011

How to Connect With Parents With a 98% Success Rate

Connecting with parents. With today's constant influx of messages, it's a challenge.  Most parents are flooded with over 247 messages a day. How can you get your message through the clutter and into their hands?

One proven way is through text messaging. Did you know that 98% of text messages get read! 98%...now that's a great success rate.

Here's some ways we are using texting to partner with parents:
  • On Monday each week, we text the main point of the lesson and a few discussion questions so parents can have conversations during the week.
  • We send out the Bible verse for the month.
  • We send out reminders of special events such as camps, family events, etc.
Here is the text messaging service we use. www.txtsignal.com.  It is very affordable. And with a 98% connection rate, it's invaluable.

Posted by Dale Hudson


Interesting! The messages get read, but I wonder how many of them use them? And how do the parents feel about getting the info this way? Have you had any feedback from them?

When you gather information, do you need the mobile service provider along with the mobile number?

I trust they use the questions we send them. That's a great point. Would be good to come up with a strategy to see how much are using the texts they receive. Which I think would be good to know for any kind of connection you make with parents...digital or paper.

Parents have to sign up for this format. So we know up front they want it.

And yes...they provide us with the number and carrier.

Holy Cow! Great idea--geniusity in simplicity. Wish I would have thought of it. We are just beginning to use KidCheck which has a text feature built in so that we can start doing this from there. I'm so excited. . . .

Depending on the size of group and if you do/don't send text from your personal phone, you can use a service from Celly (http://cel.ly). It is free for any size group, allows you to use a customized shortcode and has capabilities to send via an app or web. You can also schedule the messages. Absolutely no solicitations, etc. to your group.
Let me know if you have any questions. My group is @Tuesday. I send a free text message to over 300 people each week. To enroll, text @Tuesday to 23559. If questions, text me directly at 6206409142

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